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Promoting your business with branded merchandise

Starting a brand in current times is a big step especially for those who opened their business in between lockdowns ( so many!) There’s a big opportunity out there to get customer's attention while we’re all doing our best to get used to the “new normal”. It feels like the world is changing so fast. Seeing big brands collapse makes us more interested in the brave new brands popping up. Creating a brand is exciting and every decision is important from designing the logo to come up with a catchphrase. Once that’s ready, how can you get this logo out there for people to see? Social media and online marketing is an obvious way but if you’re a local brand, branded merchandise is still a good way to put your company logo out there. The choice of what item to put your logo on is sometimes obvious: pens for solicitors and an office-based company, canvas bags for an ECO brand, water bottles for gyms… Branded umbrellas have always been a good way to promote your brand, especially good quality golf umbrellas with big panel space to show off your logo. People love those! Many people don't buy quality brollies in hope that they will receive a branded one for free!

Here’s a list of businesses that will benefit from printing their logo on an umbrella:

1.Hairdressers 2. Any shop that will have a queue outside during pandemic 3. Schools, nurseries 4. Solicitors 5. Hotels and Spa 6. Parks 7. Event promoters 8. Pubs, restaurants, and handouts 9. Farm shops & independent shops

You can hand them out for free or have the brollies for sale ideally located by the door. Either way, when it rains, people will need (branded) umbrellas! We have inquiries from businesses such as above almost every day so it shows that the branded umbrellas are still popular. Seeing some of the umbrella designs makes us excited that we can assist in creating an impactful promotional item that will show off the company's logo. We feel that in these times it is so important to support businesses, big or small! With big brands collapsing, it made us even more aware that it's not easy to survive and thrive and anyone bringing out a new business idea deserves our support and a pat on the back. Some of our other umbrella-related articles: Bestselling Branded Umbrellas Best Branded Pub Garden Parasols
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