Mental Health Day 2020

Year 2020 has been tough on everyone, from lockdown to job insecurity to travel restrictions. Many of us suffered and the pandemic affected our mental health in a lot of ways. On the 10th of October - Mental Health Day, we will remember how important it is to look after your mental health especially in these testing times. Mental health issues are not usually visible and it is up to you and the people close to you to notice them and take actions. This also makes us remember to be kind to everyone as you don't know what they’re dealing with internally! We hear everywhere that stress is the worst for our health but sometimes we get so used to being under stress that we cant recognise that we’re living with it every day. The advice usually given, actually works: keeping active, switching off line, healthy diet, maintaining healthy relationships in real life. We just often don't really believe that such simple things do work and look for a fast fix. Of course there are mental health issues where these simple actions won't help and speaking to a professional is essential. Just like with any health issue, professionals are there to help us! There’s a lot to write about mental health and as much as we'd love to shine a light on it as much as we can, we are experts in umbrellas, not mental health! For mental health materials and information, we encourage you to visit: https://www.mentalhealth.org.uk/ and https://www.rehab4addiction.co.uk This amazing foundation used our automatic Shamrock Green Jollybrolly umbrellas in their last year's Mental Health Day stunt and we could not be more proud.
mental-health-day-umbrellas Our Shamrock Green Jollybrolly Umbrellas at last year's Mental Health Day used by Mental Health Foundation
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Written by: Anna Wisniewska