Mens Guide: How to Dress When It's Raining

Any man living in Great Britain knows that the UK’s weather is the one of the most unpredictable in the world and dressing up every morning feels like solving a sudoku puzzle. Now that the weather gets warmer we’re still wondering will it be hot or will it be rainy? Do you have to take a mens umbrella with you or not? No one is too worried about rain. That’s why we prepared a quick guide to getting ready when it’s rainy but still hot. Don’t - wear suede as even the slightest of showers will leave a mark behind and the toughest of protectors will not defend. Your favourite suede desert boots deserve to stay at home. - wear heavy fabrics like denim as they take forever to dry - wear light coloured fabrics as they may go transparent in the rain - avoid heavy layers completely as the muggy weather will be unbearable. - sandals and flip flops are certainly a no go on a rainy day. Exposed, wet feet is not a good look - lace up, chunky boots are a fashion faux pas on a scorching hot day. - resist wearing grey especially on top as those particularly hot moments can leave you with unwanted sweat patches causing you anxiety. Do - wear a tough shoe fabric such as leather, which allows for the rain to slide off effortlessly. A rubber sole is also preferred to avoid slipping to the ground unexpectedly. - pack or wear a raincoat with a hood. Gone are the days of ugly macs from our childhood welcoming sophisticated versions in a variety of styles and colours. Choose from a selection of casual or formal trench styles to compliment your look ensuring that your outfit will remain dry when the heavens decide to open. - wear a lighter weight trouser such as a cotton chino that will dry quite quickly when wet. However, linen is too fine and will stick to your legs. - always carry a study mens umbrella when the day ahead is set for rain to protect yourself and your outfit from the heavy downpour. - ensure the bag you are carrying is waterproof to avoid your essentials getting soaked in the shower. - wear light layers to regulate your heat during those rainy periods. - rock a hat to protect your hair from the rain especially if the downpour has turned to a slight drizzle. - wear lightweight clothing such as linen and cotton to allow for breathability. - layer for the morning chill. These extra pieces can easily be removed by lunchtime and reapplied for the evening walk home. Each layer should compliment the other and be lightweight. To sum up: wear light layers, weather proof shoes, a hat and don’t forget your mens umbrella! Easy enough ;)