How to Look After a Compact Umbrella?

Compact umbrellas are the most practical brollies to keep with you at all times. They come in so many lovely colours and patterns! Our selection has quite a few great mini umbrellas that are strong as well as compact. But what if you already bought a beautiful compact umbrella and spent a little more on it than usual? Because you invested in a brolly, you’d like to take care of it and not lose it this time. You can buy a Tile device to stop you from losing it - that’s sorted but how do you care for a nice small umbrella? See our tips and advice below:

Never close it wet

Leave your compact umbrella open to dry. You don't want the water to be stuck inside the umbrella and encourage mildew to grow.

Store it away from sunlight

Direct sunlight can cause your mini umbrella canopy to fade and lose its beautiful colours. When it’s dried, store it in your bag or wardrobe.

Don't lean it against a radiator

The heat can bend the mini umbrella and make it unusable.

Shake it before you unfold

Ribs can sometimes get stuck in the fabric so it’s crucial to give the small umbrella a little shake before you open it so that everything falls into place.

Don't use the compact umbrella in strong wind

Mini umbrellas are not designed for extreme winds, even when advertised as windproof. It’s best to use it in a light rain and emergency. Mini umbrellas have ribs that fold in multiple places making them more prone to breakages. Golf umbrellas are a better option when it comes to extreme weather.

Clean only with plain water

Cleaning products could potentially remove proofing coatings. There’s an aspect of sustainability to looking after your compact umbrella - buy it once and if look after it - keep it forever ! Let us know if you have any other tips for looking after your brolly.
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