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5 Ways to Look After your Mind and Body in Lockdown

It's hard to believe that the first lockdown started almost a year ago. Way back then it felt so different… We were worried and scared to experience a pandemic for the first time in our lives and we almost embraced the free time staying safely at home. Many of us started exercising, running, taking a long walk once a day. This year’s winter lockdown feels much more demotivating if we had to use one word. A year of pandemic changed us forever but we cant give up on our physical and mental help. With the end in sight, we can start preparing to get back to normal. Here are few ways you can get your mind and body prepared for the end of lockdown: Walking - it's the easiest and cheapest way to get used to being active again and being around people. Choose a not crowded location where you can easily socially distance. You can enjoy whatever’s open to business such as coffee shops or some bakeries. Don't forget an umbrella as we are still in the rainy season. Make plans - yes, the government does not recommend booking a holiday just yet but making plans for when the lockdown is over will be very beneficial for your mental health. Having something to look forward to has been proven over and over as the best mental health boots. Don't put a specific date on your plans to avoid the pressure. Visualise meeting your friends, plan what you will do. Plan local trips you will be able to take, research the best hotels and attractions. Gather accessories that you may need for the trip such as a travel umbrella. Be strict with your work schedule - if you work from home, it's easy to either get demotivated or work longer hours. It's important to understand that we are living in unusual times and our mental health suffered this year. We are not operating at 100% of our capabilities. Remove the pressure you put on yourself and adjust work to the life we are living now. If you can, take a break and go for a walk. Change up your routine to fit you best now, this includes your start and finish work times. Make sure you create boundaries between home and work, ideally a separate room or work station that you can close at the end of the day. Reach out to friends that you feel comfortable around - this lockdowns main issue is that we don't do much so we don't have much to talk about with our friends. Call or message a friend that you can talk about your last night's dinner and all the little things that are not so interesting and usually not worth mentioning. Share TV, film and book recommendations. Stir away from complaining about government and lockdown - it won't make you feel better! You can even drop off little gifts for your friends and family. Receiving a gift can be the best thing to cheer you up on yet another day in lockdown! We recommend mens umbrellas for the lovely male friends and family members and a women's umbrellas for the mums, sisters and besties! Find alternative ways to move - moving is not limited to fancy bikes and running apps, sometimes all it takes is a playtime with the kids or cleaning the house, gardening. Anything that gets you off the couch! VR games are also a great fun and get you very active without realising. To summarise, stop putting so much pressure on yourself to go about your life as if we weren't in the midst of pandemic. Adjust your life to the situation and be kind to yourself! Some of our other umbrella-related articles: Walking Umbrella for Rainy Autumn Walks Mental Health Day 2020
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