Childs rain umbrella

Should kids play in the rain?

For some people the idea of kids playing in the rain sounds just wrong, they usually worry that their little one will catch a cold but the truth is with a healthy diet and exercise routine, your child’s immune system is strong enough to protect against any weather woes. If your kid likes being in the water, then playing outside in the rain is definitely for him or her. Not only can it be a great source of exercise, but it’s also a great way to de-stress and have some fun! Jump in puddles This one’s a classic but kids love it. Make sure you prep your offspring with a childs umbrella, wellies and boom they’re ready! It’s good to leave this activity for last because it may result in your child needing a proper bath! Play with water toys in puddles This one is great especially for toddlers. Grab their bath and pool toys and take them on an adventure. Find the deepest puddles and watch your child enjoy them self. Make mud pies A super fun rainy day activity is making mud pies. The earth gets nice and soft when it rains so that it’s easy to dig. Don’t forget to decorate your mud pies with flowers, leaves, sticks, rocks, etc. Make rain art If you have a cheap disposable umbrella, let your child paint the brolly and create their own childs umbrella. Go for a nature walk Gear your little one with a childs umbrella, raincoat and wellies and go on an adventure. Park, woods or even a country road are full of magical discoveries in the rain. You may end up seeing a true toad or a big snail! Make rain music Grab pots, pans, bowls, tin foil or anything else you think might make a nice sound when raindrops hit it. Enjoy the sound of rain music! Have a water balloons war If your child is already dressed up to be wet why not go all the way and have a water balloon war? Kids absolutely love it and can even use their childs umbrella as a shield! Play under a roofed area Do you have a roofed patio or terrace? There’s nothing more calming them hanging out with your child reading or playing with rainfall sounds surround you. And thanks to the roof you don’t even need a child umbrella!