Kidorable Kids Umbrellas are Back for Good!

Kidorable Kids Umbrellas have long been one of our most popular ranges. They’re colourful and 3D which make them incredible for kids and their parents. School runs and adventures become even more fun with these lovely childrens umbrellas. The company Kidorable makes not only umbrellas but all kinds of kids accessories such as backpacks, gloves, hats, raincoats and many more. Few years ago, these umbrellas were seen carried by celebrity kids such as Suri Cruise! These days it seems that the Kidorable umbrellas are harder to get hold of but we managed and re-stock our whole range. Now you and your child can enjoy the magic of Kidorable umbrellas. With an average canopy size of 70cm and length of 60cm, these petite children umbrellas are perfect for small hands age 2-6 years old kids. They’re manual open with no scary pop open buttons. The handle is custom matched to every canopy design and has an easy to hold shape. All the designs are waterproof and feature safety tips. No need to worry, these kids' umbrellas are all safe! From ballerina to knight these kids umbrellas have the loveliest designs! Surprisingly the most popular designs are the dinosaur and the shark - kids love dangerous animals. These childrens umbrellas are a wonderful idea for a gift! Every time a grandma or auntie buys them, we get lovely feedback that the child loved it. And they're only £12.99! Don't wait any longer and see the full selection of Kidorable Umbrellas. We bet you’ll find the perfect umbrella for your little one!
Written by: Anna Wisniewska