Why You Should Invest in a Blunt Umbrella

If you’re over the throwaway culture that follows us everywhere and are looking for an umbrella to last not only through the winter… but all year round AND for years to come then you want a Blunt Umbrella.

Obviously, a Blunt Umbrella- like any other- will keep you dry. But there is more than one reason why this particular brand is better than many other styles and worth what initially might seem like a pretty hefty price tag for what many people consider an optional accessory.
  1. Patented Edges
Blunt umbrellas get their name from their unique patented edges. Instead of your typical pointed edges, Blunt umbrellas have scalloped edges that fit in specially designed pockets at the end of the frame. These tips expand and force the edges to curve which allows for even distribution of tension in the canopy frame. This advanced design also reduces the risk of tears or holes forming in the canopy.
  1. Extra Strong Frame
Now, the edges on Blunt umbrellas are good, but the frame is even better (full umbrella geek alert)! Take it from us, this frame is a powerhouse of structural integrity. The long ribs of the Blunt umbrella are made of fibreglass, which makes them not only strong but also flexible. In comparison to many of their aluminium or steel counterparts, off the bat this makes the Blunt umbrellas way more equipped to deal with deal with inclement weather. The really special thing about this frame, though, are the struts which act like springs to help open and close the umbrella. Over time these can wear out from the stress required to open a larger canopy which results in a floppy canopy. To solve this Blunt has designed their umbrellas with two sets of struts to help absorb the force and help lengthen the umbrellas lifespan.
  1. Wind Tunnel Testing
Strong wind is the main cause that an umbrella will break. Creating a frame that is both strong enough and flexible enough to withstand the brunt of heavy winds is tricky business. Not only has Blunt managed to do this with their patented design but they have gone a step further and heavily wind tunnel tested all of their products, leaving no worry that your canopy will turn inside out or tear. It’s because of this that Blunt is the only brand we know to offer a no nonsense 5 year warranty on all of its products and if that doesn’t speak to the quality of the umbrellas I don’t know what will!