a woman carrying a black umbrella in a city

We’re Helping You Find The Best Womens Umbrella!

We’re firm believers that finding the best women’s umbrella shouldn’t come down to style but to function instead! Staying dry in the Great British summer comes down to finding a product that is great quality and can stand up to whatever the weather has to throw at us. Once you’ve hit these specifications, THEN we can start looking at patterns and style! First of all, you want to make sure that your canopy is big enough. For maximum coverage that goes beyond your shoulders and keeps your whole body dry you want to aim for a canopy that’s at least 100cm in diameter. Of course this will vary from person to person so if you’re stood under the umbrella with your arm out you are looking for the canopy to end somewhere near your elbow. If you live in a windy area you might want to consider a vented umbrella which with help dissipate any wind and help your canopy keep it’s shape. If vented isn’t an option or you simply aren’t a fan then make sure that the fabric on your umbrella is as taught across the frame as it can be so that the wind does not catch it easily. We would also recommend looking for women umbrellas that are slightly larger. Although women’s handbag umbrellas are practical and portable, each break in the frame means that the umbrella will not be as durable as it’s straight stick counterparts. And finally take note of your handle! Many women’s umbrellas have cute hooked handles or tassels, but make sure you find something with a good comfortable grip. Hit these points and you could easily find your ‘for life’ umbrella. We know that sounds like a lot to look out for but there are plenty of great women’s umbrella brands that take all this into consideration AND have great patterns as well…. substance AND style!