bride getting out of a car with men holding a white umbrella over her head

Help! It’s Going To Rain On My Wedding Day…

Whenever you first started picturing your dream wedding day we bet you anything that it was on a clear day, the sun was shining and the sky was a brilliant blue… right? I mean we have never heard anyone say “I’d really love to get married in the grey and rain”! Unfortunately the weather will always be out of your hands so if you are opting for an outdoor wedding in the UK we’ve got some tips to help prep you should the sky start turning grey.

Outline a Plan B

After you’ve chosen the most spectacular outdoor venue check to see whether they have a contingency plan. Is there a covered space or an indoor area where you can set up shop if it starts to pour down on the big day? If the wedding was to be outside and the reception indoors they may be able to accommodate the wedding in that space as well- it’s all about planning and communication!

Welcome the Rain

It’s probably not what you want to hear, but they DO say rain on your wedding day is good luck. With a few rainy day purchases you can prep your guests and make the most of the occasion with a fun rainy day shoot. Here’s what we would recommend:

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Wedding Umbrellas

In the UK it is not out of the norm to ask guests to bring their own umbrellas should it start to rain. However we would definitely recommend having a little search for couples wedding umbrellas to make sure that the happy couple are covered… whatever the weather!

If you are particularly worried about how all your wedding photos will look with an assortment of umbrellas out of all your guest’s boots… you could even splash out on a wedding umbrella bundle to make sure that your guests are dry and your photos look great!

Towels and Blankets

Once everyone is done snapping cute photo ops in the rain, make sure you have some towels to hand to dry off and blankets to keep toasty… especially if you are in a tent or marquee where things can get pretty chilly if it’s damp when night falls!

Rain Boots

If you are looking for a few extra treats for your wedding party… why not take a look at monogramed rain boots? They are super practical and a great memento of the big day!