Half term, kids and rainy weather

There’s nothing more challenging than having a full of energy child at home during half term, especially when it rains outside. As a good parent you don’t want to leave the child to be mindlessly watching shows on their tablet for the whole time. But also our adult life is so overwhelming that usually we really struggle to live in a moment and enjoy playing with the kids. To help you, we came up with few de-stressing for the parents and stimulating for the kids ideas. A cardboard box(es) If you’re lucky to have any kind of cardboard boxes lying around - utilise them! Get markers, paint , glue and build whatever comes to your kids mind. Our favourite are: a big box TV , house, bird box and a doll house. Boys will love an idea of a building a parking lot for their toy cars.It’s safe to say if you are a creative person you’ll love it as well. Colours + paint Anything involving mixing colours such as magical milk project, fruit stamp art and obviously a modern classic: slime will preoccupy your kid for the whole afternoon. You may be even able to have some time for yourself… Just remember when the kids are quiet there’s usually something naughty going on! Theatre Find anything in the house that could be made into puppets - straws, plastic cups, toilet rolls, socks, paper bags… possibilities are endless! Than find a place to present the play and give the kids an idea what the play should be about- knowing them they’ll run with the idea and come up with an unbelievable scenario. Prepare a dance routine This is easier if you have a musical child and they already have a favourite song but you can also find one for them that’s catchy and good to dance to. You can add props such as a kids umbrella. This idea has an added bonus of being very active so worn out kid guaranteed! Get ready to go out in the rain Find few cheap child umbrellas lying around your house and have your kid decorate it. Markers, ribbons and any type of stick on craft buttons and glitter will work the best. If your child still have energy after all the decorating, take them out for a walk with their newly decorated child umbrella ,even if it’s just to get a snack from a local shop. They’ll be happy to show off their art and they’ll definitely get some feedback from people on the street that will encourage some fun social interaction. *Disclaimer: we do realise that these kid friendly projects are messy so de-stress factor might be questioned. It does require you to get involved but admit it, we all need to let go and enjoy time we have with kids. Letting go and re-discovering your inner child = de-stress.