Goodbye Molly Marais umbrellas!

If you're an umbrella connoisseur or just aware of umbrella brands, you must have heard about Molly Marais umbrellas. These wonderful brollies has been stocked on our site for years but we are currently down to one style from the range - here. If like many, you love the look of the Molly Maris umbrellas - we have sad news for you. It seems that the company is no longer trading and as a result of that we wont be getting any Molly Marais brollies back in stock. With inspiration taken from Copenhagen and the famously historic 'Marais' Quarter in Paris, the Molly Marais designs were feminine with an edge. Using fine designs, patterns, illustrations and colour combinations, the selection of designs is the perfect mix between French vintage and Nordic simplicity. Designers, Pauline & Karina, have worked together for years and their growing passion was the defining force behind their Molly Marais range. Their ethos was "good design based on creativity, innovation and functionality" and we couldn't agree more! We recommend scanning the internet for any end of line styles. Hopefully the company or the designers can re-invent them self and come back with new range but for now we say good bye to the lovely and chic Molly Marais umbrellas!
Molly Marais Umbrellas Molly Marais Umbrellas