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When Does Golf Season Start in the UK?

The golf season in the UK starts in April and continues until the end of September but some wonder if it should be changed. The golf courses struggle to be ready for the start of season in April since the weather in early spring is still so unpredictable. Few years ago we even had our first snow in March! Similarly, just as the players get into their stride over the summer months, the season stops at the end of September when the weather is still pretty good. In the UK in recent years October still feels like summer therefore extending the season seems like a great idea. Winter is a difficult time for golf players in the UK. There’s nothing fun about playing golf in the cold and rain! Uneven sad grass, mud and snow do not make a good score even if you have the best golf umbrella over your head. The players want to continue to play and practice their putts but unlike in California, the weather makes it impossible for them to do so. We often share tips on how to prepare for winter golfing ( here and here) but in reality it is not easy and often not enjoyable. Not everyone can afford or has time to take a golfing holiday in a warmer climate. Moving the season’s start to May seems like a good idea, giving the golf course teams time to prepare and weather to settle. Then the summer comes and golf can be fully enjoyed and practiced. Don't get me wrong, it still rains in the UK over the summer months but a good golf umbrella works just fine when it's warm and light outside. Warm summer weather often lasts until late October which actually matches April in temperatures. Good news is that April is near! The weather this winter has been mild due to global warming so maybe the change of golf season dates is not necessary. With temperatures warming up globally, the biggest threat to good golfing times is rain. Last summer was full of it! Golf enthusiasts, get ready, buy a good golf umbrella and maintain your fitness levels with outdoor walks and indoor activities. See everyone on the golf course soon! See our selection of golf umbrellas here: