man holding golf club at sunset

Everyone is playing golf post lockdown

There have been changes since we last reported on golf! It appears that many people were convinced to start playing golf since the lockdown eased. There has been an increase of 20 thousand new golf club members according to England Golf, the governing body for amateur golf in England. How did it happen? They did run a “Give it a shot” campaign encouraging people to take on golf and we assume people were looking to take on new sports after having lots of time off work during lockdown. Golf courses often functioned as parks during that time and while taking our one walk a day, people got to see how fun golf can be. It's also not that expensive to get a golf club membership, according to England Golf, it can be as little as £20 a month! You can buy equipment on a budget as well as a cheap golf umbrella. What’s interesting is that there have been plenty of young people joining as well as those who never thought about taking on golf. What’s important to add is that golf courses used the time off to improve their systems and many introduced online booking systems which is always encouraging for the younger audience. As much as everyone was worried about the future of golf in England just a year ago, the same people now complain about the clubs being too busy! We wonder if golf clubs are much like gyms in January and how many young people will keep on playing… One of the aspects why golf became popular so suddenly is that it is one of the sports that can be easily adjusted for the pandemic times. As long as you use your own equipment, golf umbrella and maintain social distancing you should not be at risk of catching Covid-19. In comparison to gyms or team sports, golf is a safe sport. Players also enjoy the social aspect of a golf course especially before the pubs re-opened. The outdoors were ideal to meet up with friends and family. We are thrilled at this turn of events and glad that golf clubs are doing well. We’ll keep encouraging our readers to take on playing golf and of course play in rainy weather with our golf umbrellas! See our selection below and jump on the golf bandwagon now!

Written by: Anna Wisniewska Follow