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How to get ready for winter golf?

Summer time is pretty much over and golf players should prepare for the winter season. Some people give up playing golf in the chillier weather but there’s no reason to neglect your hobby and get rusty by not playing. All it takes is a bit of preparation and a slightly different approach. Get your outfit ready Keeping warm and comfortable in winter is crucial. You want to focus on the game and not feeling cold! Pack away your shorts and dig our warmer pants and a jacket. Any extra layer, as long as it's comfortable can make playing in the cold weather more pleasurable experience. In the UK snow is not very common but rain - you have to be prepared for the rain! It’s time to buy a large golf umbrella, rainproof jacket and rain gloves. Depending on how regularly you play you may want to invest in more pieces. Extra towels will be very useful especially hung under the large golf umbrella to keep it dry. Understand the winter rules Many golf courses are quite vague when introducing winter rules leaving them to players interpretation. The winter rules are usually put in place when the golf course is not in its prime state caused by adverse weather conditions. The players are allowed to play golf in a way they wouldn't be allowed under regular circumstances in order to protect the golf course and to promote fair and pleasant play. Players should familiarise themselves with their local course winter rules and agree on them with companions before starting their rounds. Winter golf holidays If you are a real golf enthusiast and can't stand playing the game in difficult weather conditions holding a large golf umbrella, you may want to consider going away somewhere warm. For UK players, the best picks for winter golf holidays are: Canary Islands and Spain. Easy to travel to and relatively inexpensive these countries make for a great golf escape! Just imagine playing in the perfect 18-22 degrees temperature… As a truly committed golf player, you are sure to find the best way to play the game in winter and the cold weather won't stop you enjoying your hobby. Buy a golf umbrella, warm clothes and play!