A man playing golf indoors on a simulator

How to get prepared for winter golf?

Autumn is beautiful, playing golf is still fairly easy and you can enjoy the mild weather but weeks go by fast and soon the colder weather will emerge and chase players off the golf course.For true golf enthusiast that does not mean the end of playing. It's time to get prepared for winter golf. It does take some effort but it is possible to enjoy golf in the harsher environment. Muddy ground, playing in the rain and wind are just some of the conditions you have to keep in mind when getting prepared. First thing to cross off your to do list is to review your winter golfing clothes and accessories such as a golf umbrella, warm jacket and rain gloves. Try to do it sooner rather than later, late November is the sales season as well as Christmas shopping season - perfect time to re-assemble your winter golfing outfit. Our store will have a golf umbrellas sale as part of our yearly Black Friday Event so mark this date in your calendar! Refresh your knowledge of winter golfing rules. Winter golf is muddy and messy and will allow a few exceptions to the usual summer rules. You can for example pick up your golf ball and clean it before putting. Make sure you know the basics before taking part in any tournaments or events. Its it important to do your best to stay warm on the golf course. Not only for your comfort but also warming up will allow you to be more loose and play better. Walking instead of riding a cart is a good warm up habit. If the weather is worse than usual, practice indoors. Some golf stores and complexes will have a golf simulator. Get a membership to use it or if you’re a true golf enthusiast purchase for your home. Winter is the time to get cosy and hibernate at home so don't put too much pressure on yourself to keep playing, simply staying fit and active will allow you to go back into the game smoothly in spring. Jollybrolly golf umbrella sale starts 29th of November. https://www.jollybrolly.co.uk/plain/plain-golf-umbrellas.html Sign up to our newsletter for updates and special offers. https://www.jollybrolly.co.uk/special-offers/