Carry a Gents Umbrella - Prove Chivalry isn’t Dead…

“What a Gent” is not a phrase that gets heard enough these days. The true gentleman is a dying breed. Of course most men are super polite when it comes to impressing a date, but really being gentlemanly should be a way of life. So in aid of bringing back ‘The Gentleman’ in full force here’s some best practices when it comes not just to dates, but female friends and coworkers alike.

Be Thoughtful

Remembering the small things, however run of the mill, is the ultimate act of chivalry. Your friend has a job interview, your sister is taking her driving test, your partner has an appraisal at work? The small things are easily passed by, but acknowledging that it’s a big deal for them, even if just by text, goes a long way.

At the Table

Now, we would argue that this is just plain old good manners. BUT in case table etiquette is not your forte, here’s some best practices… If your food arrives first, don’t start eating until hers has arrived too. If you’re sharing water or wine and her glass is empty be sure to top it up. If she’s away from the table, don’t let her plate be cleared unless you know she’s finished. Be sure to extend the chivalry from fancy restaurants to your local cafe to home … remember this is a way of life, not manners to whip out only when you are trying to impress.

Classic Acts of Chivalry

The list of small acts of chivalry is endless and arguably the easiest to implement. It takes no time out of your day to hold the door or pull out the chair for someone.

If it’s cold out you can offer your friend your jacket. If it’s raining, go the extra mile and whip out your trusty gents umbrella and if your gunning for extra chivalry points you can even go so far as to hold the umbrella for her.

Remember, it doesn’t just have to be for your girlfriend… nearly all women in your life will appreciate these gestures and it’s the extra generosity that separates the men from the gentlemen!

The Old Faithful

Finally, for when you’re reaching peak chivalrousness, and unexpected bouquet of flowers is the ultimate touch. Birthdays and Anniversaries are the norm, but unexpected flowers just because are so much more thoughtful. Send some to your mum on a Saturday morning when you know she’s doing laundry or to your sister to show you’re thinking of her and to help get her through the work week.