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Final To-do's Before your Wedding Day

Planning a wedding is stressful! After months of organising, when your wedding date is a week away, the stress and excitement reach its highest level. So what are the last steps of your wedding preparations? There’s a lot of them but we prepared a list of ones that are often forgotten or left for the last minute. Practice walking in your wedding shoes. You will be walking down the aisle in them and it might be the walk of your life! Make sure you’re comfortable and your shoes do not have slippery soles. For grooms, have a haircut. You should always have a haircut a week or two before and event in case the trim is too short or not as expected. Have a chat with everyone involved in your wedding. Suppliers, services as well as your family and friends. You want to make sure everyone knows the timings and everything runs on schedule. When in doubt, create a detailed pdf and send it to everyone involved or add it to your wedding website. Pack. If you’re getting ready at the venue or going away for a honeymoon. Have the majority of the packing done and create a checklist for last minute add ons. Its a good idea to create an emergency kit for your wedding day with pins, deodorant, a sewing kit, stains remover etc Check the weather and order wedding umbrellas if needed. You can usually return them if not needed on the day (check the return policy) Do not add yourself stress looking for wedding umbrellas last minute! Plan your meals especially breakfast on the day and snacks. One thing that newlyweds mention often is that they had no time to eat at their wedding so make sure someone saves you food on the day. Exchange the numbers. Make sure its not just you who has the drivers and other suppliers numbers. Make an easy to share directory of everyone's involved (including groomsmen and bridesmaids) phone numbers. Check everyone's outfits. If possible have a try on to make sure everyone has all the details covered such as a spare shirt. Try your wedding dress for practice but also for the final check. Practice your kiss. Kissing in front of a crowd of people - especially your family can be awkward. Agree on the way you want to do it to avoid someone going for a bigger one then expected. Get lots of sleep. We all know that it can get stressful in those last days. Make sure you’re rested and relaxed so that you can enjoy the big day! Shop Jollybrolly wedding umbrellas: https://www.jollybrolly.co.uk/wedding-umbrellas.html
Written by: Anna Wisniewska