Printed umbrella

Everything You Need to Know About Branded Umbrellas

So you’ve made the decision to promote your business using branded umbrellas? Or you have an event and want to use rain as an opportunity for all your quests to leave with a promotional umbrella in their hand? An umbrella with your logo is a great way to treat your guests as well as have everyone they pass by on the street see your company logo. Where to start? It all depends on what umbrella style you have in mind and your logo. We use screen printing as our primary method of printing which works best for simple logos with no shading or small, intricate details. This doesn’t mean that we shy away from detailed prints! If your logo or design has more detail, this simply means looking at a different technique - digital transfer. That’s why it’s always best to send us your logo (and how many panels you wish it printed on). This way our team can assess which printing method will be best for you, explain your options and any impact this will have on the final cost of your order. Time Lead time for our branded umbrellas is typically 2-3 weeks but we also offer an express 7 day delivery service (subject to scheduling and availability). When requesting this option, please be prepared to finalise the order on the same or next day. This means we will require you to submit your logo, make a payment, choose an umbrella style and canopy colour and approve the finished design before we can start printing. Umbrella Choice We have plenty of branded umbrella options to choose from on our Jollybrolly site from budget to high performance ones and you can always enquire if you have a different style in mind - we’re happy to find a perfect umbrella for you. Here are few of our popular choices: Simple We offer printing on our most popular styles: Plain Jollybrolly Umbrellas, Plain Golf Umbrellas and Aluminium Frame Walking Umbrellas. These brollies come in 12+ colours and you can order them in micro packs of just 10 units. Ideal for a one-off event, these budget umbrellas are a cheap and cheerful way to protect your clients from rain on a golfing day, or outside a conference. Mid Range Our Susino Umbrellas are the best option if you want a strong branded umbrella but you’re fairly flexible when it comes to the canopy colour and handle options. It’s available in 7 colours most of them alternating panels. This means you can print your logo on white panels (or a white logo on dark panels) and have a great promotional umbrella at mid range price! Performance Our Bedford or Sheffield range are your best bet if you’re after a Pantone matched canopy, a selection of handle options and a good strong umbrella that will last for a long time. Minimum order for these styles is 25. Available in 30 colours including alternating canopies and Pantone match at extra charge. Whatever umbrella you have in mind drop us an email with all your requirements and we’ll find it for you!