All About Best Golf Umbrellas

No matter if you’re a pro or just starting playing golf you must agree with us that the best golf umbrella is a crucial part of golfing equipment. It will protect you and your equipment from the rain and allow you to continue playing no matter the weather. And it’s not only rain, sometimes sun shining in your eyes can cause disturbance. This makes us think how important owning the right golf umbrella is and what makes the best golf umbrella? If you feel overwhelmed, don’t worry - we have few tips for you to help you decide.

What size?

The larger the better. The best golf umbrella must fit you, your golf bag and golf gear as well. Ideally you would also like to cover your companion in case they don't have a golf umbrella. Golf umbrella sizes start at 120cm (47 inches) and have either a plain canopy, branded or vented. Vented double canopy is an added bonus for wind resistance. It allows the wind to travel through the golf umbrella without inverting it.

What materials?

Fibreglass and steel are most commonly used in golf umbrella production. Fibreglass is storm proof meaning it will not attract lighting on the golf course, it’s also light and flexible making it the most durable material option.

UV protection

Your golf umbrella protecting you from harmful sunshine rays is an added bonus but it might not be your priority depending on location. Golf umbrellas protection go as high as SPF 50 making them great for hot climate golf courses.


Most often you will be the person carrying your golf umbrella so make sure it’s light and easy to store. However you do not want your golf umbrella to be too light because it will not stand against the wind.
green umbrella Shamrock Green Golf Umbrella at £13.00

Other features

Think of the things that bother you in your everyday umbrella. You want your golf umbrella to be comfortable to carry, hold and open. This means look for a comfortable handle, wide with a good grip as you will be holding it for long time and the last thing you need is cramped hands when you play golf. The best golf umbrella has to be strong and durable but it’s also helpful for it to have a bright canopy. Highly visible colours such as red and yellow will protect you against stray golf balls reducing possible injuries. Now that you know all the insiders buying tips, have a look at our selections and grab yourself the best golf umbrella!