hands of a man and woman engaged

Why Holiday Season is Engagement Season

Every year around Thanksgiving and Christmas we start hearing about friends and acquaintances getting engaged. Photos of rings start flooding our Facebook and Instagram feed. Most common reaction to this is happiness followed by envy if you wish it was your turn next. This phenomenon usually lasts from late November until Valentine's day and is commonly known as the engagement season. Of course people get engaged all the time, on their vacation, birthdays or anniversaries but it seems that the holiday season is preferred by many. What makes the holiday season the perfect time to get engaged? You’re with your loved ones - you can share your joy with them and they get to celebrate with you. If family is important for you and you enjoy their company when’s the better time than the holiday season to get engaged. Its even more important if you live far away and would have to call them to share the news otherwise. You get to have helpers - you can ask your family to help you plan the engagement, help you choose the ring and distract your partner. You won't find more sincere and excited people to help than your family and close friends. Plenty of opportunities - festive season gives you many opportunities to pop the question. The holiday atmosphere makes any situation romantic! You can do it while taking a walk in the snow, in front of the Christmas tree, right before or minutes into New Year… the possibilities are endless! Time to enjoy the moment- most of us get some time off work and school during festive season, this gives you a chance to stay loved up for few days or weeks. Perfect timing for the wedding - getting engaged in winter gives you just about enough time to plan a summer wedding! If you’re in a rush that is. Engagement photoshoot - you can have the loveliest engagement photoshoot in front of a Christmas tree - just see our last years Instagram post here! Order a clear wedding umbrella for the shoot here and you’re half way there!