How to Decorate a Wedding Ceiling With Umbrellas

Wedding decorations are a big part of wedding planning. Most brides scour shops for elaborate decoration but there are DIY brides that can turn simple everyday objects like umbrellas into a magical decoration. You can hang umbrellas, have them in variety of colours, add lights to them… all you need in an order of bulk umbrellas and touch of creativity! Step outside the box and personalise your wedding with hanging umbrellas to create a wedding wonderland your guests will always remember. Pinterest is your go to place for wedding umbrella inspiration - see our board here. Over the Table Most beautiful in our opinion are lovely umbrellas hanging over a reception table. Choose the colours and patterns you like and place an order for low cost bulk umbrellas. When they arrive, ask your venue to help with attaching the umbrellas over the table - some lower, some higher. As the umbrellas are such a big feature you may want to skip on table centrepieces and have the main focus on the low cost wedding umbrellas. Decorate the ceiling You may have to check this with your venue before buying the bulk umbrellas but if they agree you can turn your your venue into umbrella heaven. You will need a wire and attachments for the umbrellas. Our Plain Jollybrolly umbrellas have hollow plastic tips which make it perfect to drill through and attach them to the wire. You can also hang umbrellas inside out if they have a crooked handle. Umbrella Lights It’s ceiling umbrellas but with additional fairy lights. Lights give the most magical atmosphere to the venue and joined with with white or even dark umbrellas can take your event from plain to magical. You can hang the low cost umbrellas over the table, the dance floor or just randomly spread them across the room. Having exposed light bulbs instead of fairy light is a great modern look as well. Umbrella Bouquets Order a bulk of umbrellas and hang them where you like. If you hang them upside down, you can fill them with fresh or artificial flowers! Artificial ones might be a better idea since they’re lighter. We particularly like the idea of see through umbrellas filled with flowers, you can also replace the flowers with balloons or pompons! Umbrellas come in so many styles and colours, you can create practically any style decoration from boho to sleek and modern white umbrella decorations! Buying bulk umbrellas is not only the most cost efficient option but it also saves you time looking for matching umbrellas. Visit our Pinterest board for lots of lovely inspiration!