How to Decorate a Jollybrolly Umbrella?

Our Plain Jollybrolly Umbrellas are the most popular brollys we sell. They’re popular for events, weddings, school performances... you name it. They’re also amazing for decorating and being decorated, check out a photo sent to us below. Over the years we’ve had customers asking what’s the best method of painting on our cheap umbrellas? The Jollybrolly canopy is made out of polyester therefore we recommend fabric paint and markers. You can also add embellishments to your umbrella like embroidery, glitter, lace, or flowers - see part 2 of the article. Painting your umbrella can be great fun especially if kids join in and at £4.99 our Jollybrollies are cheap enough to have a play with. Decorate Using Stencils Buy stencils at a craft shop and place it over an opened umbrella canopy. Use a foam brush to gently dab fabric paint over the stencil. Use variety of stencils for a unique design. Add Polka Dots Use markers or a foam brush to add polka dots evenly (or not) onto the canopy. Stick to one colour or create a rainbow of colours. Create a Unique Design If you’re a creative person you can buy a paint brush, fabric paint in different colours and let your imagination lead the way. Your cheap umbrella can be covered in clouds, scenery, slices of fruit… anything you can think of - visit our Pinterest board for more ideas. Just be cautious when painting multiple layers, give them about an hour to dry before adding next one. Use Puffy Paint The easiest and most fun method to decorate an umbrella. Puffy paint can be found at a craft store and comes in variety of colours as well as glitter and metallics. Squeeze the paint directly onto the canopy or use stencils to create your design. Wait an hour to dry and do not go out in the rain before the paint has had at least 72 hours, roughly three days, to set. Personalise With Markers Markers work best on light shade umbrellas. Use them to add initials or a special message to your canopy. If you’re skilled, you can try out different fonts to make your cheap umbrella even more special. Add Stripes Use painters tape as a guard and paint lines on your cheap umbrella. Thinner or thicker, horizontal or vertical - the possibilities are endless. Use Any Old Thing Search your house for random utensils that you can dip in paint and use to press or splatter over your affordable umbrella for an abstract look. Toothpicks, toy cars, bubble wrap - random objects create the most interesting patterns worth exploring. If you like the idea of decorating your umbrella but don’t feel confident in your art skills - we do offer printing on our Jollybrolly umbrellas. Follow the link below or simply drop us a message to find out the details
Jollybrolly-umbrellas Jollybrolly umbrellas