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How to decorate a cheap umbrella?

This week we’re getting to terms with the world's current coronavirus situation and are eternally grateful for people working to help us get through this pandemic. Our thoughts are with doctors and nurses saving lives as well as with the patients fighting for their lives. At Jollybrolly we’re working from home and doing our best to socially distance ourselves whilst staying connected to our customers. Its a tough challenge for us all to adjust our lifestyles so quickly and radically but we’re doing it! In the UK, kids are off from school so its important for the parents to keep them entertained. Inspired by our website and kids, we thought of a great art project for your little ones looking for something to occupy their time: decorating cheap umbrellas! Our Jollybrollies are only £4.99 each, perfect to be painted (see our previous article here) and having decorations stuck on their canopy. The possibilities are never ending! Here are some of our cheap umbrella decorating ideas: A stencil and paint - craft shops are full of stencils but of course you can make them yourself! Help your kids to cut out a few stencils and press them against a low cost umbrella. Gently dab paint over the stencil and lift it. The kids can cover the cheap umbrella with flower print, shapes, animals at any design their little heads come up with! Make sure the bargain umbrella is dry and go out to the garden or balcony for a breath of fresh air. Paint directly onto the cheap umbrella - dots, stars or more complicated design , get your kids to be creative! After all , its just a cheap umbrella! As long as your child loves it, its worth it. Some other direct painting ideas: family, fruit, stripes, cosmos, park, rainbows and sunshine, aliens… you know best what your kids are into! Regular or puffy fabric paint work the best on cheap umbrellas. Also a classic paint brush or foam brush will work magic. Remind the kids that if they layer colours they must allow the first colour to dry before layering another. Permanent markers - this works especially well if the cheap umbrella is a light colour, such as clear plastic, white, or a pastel. Get the kids to draft the design before they go ahead and paint as markers sink deep into the fabric and can’t be erased. Glue. You can glue so many things onto the low cost umbrella! Foam letters, fake flowers and of course glitter and sequins. Some of the items might need a hot glue gun but the results will be amazing! Spell a text with the foam letters: your child's name or something funny. Attaching flowers to the edge of the umbrella will make a girly accessory perfect for spring! Browse our cheap umbrellas here, available in 15 colours.
Written by: Anna Wisniewska