Create Spring Umbrella Decorations!

It’s finally March! The winter is over. I don’t know about you but as soon as it gets a little bit warmer and sunnier I get all excited about flowers and refreshing my home.

With Easter around the corner, the shops fill up with colourful decorations but if you’re crafty you can create the most beautiful one by recycling an old low cost umbrella! Let’s face it, because it rains all year round in the UK an umbrella is an appropriate decoration whatever the season!

An umbrella wreath

What you need: a straight low cost umbrella, a colourful wide bow, bunch of flowers (fake or real), small decorations ( easter egg nests/ butterflies) and an over the door hanger or a plastic hook.

How to do it:

1. Fan the umbrella canopy open slightly, but not completely. 2. Place flowers in between the ribs of the brolly. Arrange them to suit your personal taste. You can use fake flowers or real. Real ones will require much more maintenance but adding a small plastic bottle on the inside of the umbrella helps a little. 3. Tie the umbrella half way with a contrasting colourful bow to keep everything in place. 4. Hang the finished decoration on the door (or any other place) using either a stick on plastic hook or over the door hanger. This looks great just about anywhere: on the wall, hanging from the stairs and even at a coat stand.

Umbrella flowers beds

This unique garden decoration that will make people stop and admire your garden!

What you need: one or two old low cost umbrellas, garden soil and plant bulbs or seeds.

How to do it:

1. Find a place for your umbrella flower bed 2. Open the brolly and fill it with soil 3. Plant flowers and of your choice inside the umbrella canopy 4. Water the plants

So next time you want to throw away your broken umbrella in anger you know what to do with it - create Springtime decorations!

Our Plain Jollybrolly umbrellas are only £4.99 each which makes them the perfect low cost umbrellas to use for any DIY project and with a trier pricing you can even buy 10 at £4.69 each, make more decorations and give them as gifts to your friends and family.

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