woman and man under a clear umbrella

Clear Wedding Umbrellas Trend of 2019

No bride wants rain on their wedding day but if you’re unlucky with the weather clear wedding umbrellas are a trendy, as well as a necessary accessory. The Internet is full of wonderful photos of a wedding party holding clear wedding umbrellas or joyously throwing them into the air. Check out our Pinterest to see them all. We also often post photos of them on our Instagram since they’re so popular and almost all rainy wedding photos feature clear wedding umbrellas these days - it must be a trend! How did clear umbrellas become the heroes of this years rainy weddings? They work great as bride and groom brollies. Thanks to their see through canopy they allow the guests to see the happy couple in the rain. Ideal for a rainy outdoor wedding ceremony or the walk from a church to a wedding venue. Photographers love them! Clear wedding umbrellas look great in photos - modern, won't disturb the theme and match with any colour scheme. They give your photographer an opportunity to create romantic photos of bride and groom kissing under the clear canopy. Clear wedding umbrellas can also be used as decorations filled with dried flowers, pompons ect Hung upside down over the table or with fairy light bringing lovely glow to the reception. You can have them branded with your initials and use as a wedding favours for the guest to keep and use everyday. The biggest pro of using clear dome umbrellas in your wedding is the fact that they’re so versatile and can be used in your everyday life. Bubble umbrellas has been featured in recent fashion shows and suit any outfit. No need to worry about clashing colours! They’re a hit in Japan where they’re sold as disposable umbrellas on every corner. Relatively cheap and large most commonly come with all clear canopy but also available with a cute design or as in our offer here, with a coloured stripe. White stripe is a go to for weddings but others colours can be matched with your colour scheme. Clear wedding umbrellas are very easy to order for a wedding since guests wear different colour outfits - clear canopy will look good in everyone's hand and you can order them in packs of 10, 20 and more. Easy! Summer is over but autumn and winter weddings are happening and most definitely will need wedding umbrellas. When in doubt - order clear ones!