How to Clean Your Umbrella?

We all have this one umbrella hidden away in the wardrobe waiting for the weather to get unbearable. When the time comes its nice to wash it and bring it back to it's previous glory. Most umbrellas are designed to be water-repellant so liquids are likely to slide right off. BUT in the event your umbrella is stained, here’s a quick easy way to get that cleaned up! First off, you will need:

Bathtub or large bucket (partially open umbrella must fit in) Sponge Water Washing Liquid or Powder


Fill up your bathtub or large bucket with enough warm water to cover the umbrella when open. Add the washing liquid or powder and mix in until completely dissolved. Open the umbrella (does not need to be fully opened if it will not fit in) and place in the water until fully submerged. Allow to soak for several minutes. Using the water, start cleaning the canopy of the umbrella with the sponge. Do not apply detergent directly to the canopy as this may cause discolouration. If you have a stubborn stain consider using stain remover but we would recommend spot testing before applying to a large or visible area of the canopy. Once clean, rinse the umbrella and leave open to dry thoroughly. Drying your umbrella in the sun if best as it will reduce the risk of mildew growing on your canopy. Most umbrellas should have water resistant fabric (rather than a specialised coating) but if for whatever reason you feel you need to further waterproof the umbrella we recommend a fabric spray. You can find lots of great options on Amazon!

Mildew Note:

If you are experiencing mildew growth on your canopy be sure to treat your umbrella outside so that the spores do not spread. Soak a kitchen towel with either rubbing alcohol or white vinegar and (after performing a small test patch) gently wipe off the mildew. Repeat with a clean freshly soaked kitchen towel, rinse and dry completely. Make sure that the umbrella is completely dry and if possible leave to sit in the sun to ensure any remaining spores cannot feed off the moisture and grow back.