Xmas Gift Guide 2020: Men and Women's Umbrellas

Christmas time is getting closer and closer! Normally we would’ve been out shopping and enjoying Christmas markets but this special year all we have is online shopping. It is better in many ways -safer, you have more choice and you don't have to carry the presents home! Since we specialise in umbrellas, we’ve created a small selection of our most gift-able brollies that you can order even last minute (keep up with our last order dates) for a special person in your life. If you think “Is an umbrella a good Christmas gift?”, we do receive a lot of indications that it is! Customers often message us that an umbrella they ordered is a gift for a grandchild, a dear friend, daughter… We do offer plenty of high quality mens and ladies umbrellas that will impress your family or friends and make them feel special. See our selection below:

Ladies Umbrellas under £25.00

Impliva-Inside-Out-Umbrella Impliva Inside Out Umbrella at £16.50
Inside Out Umbrella from Impliva - this clever ladies umbrella turns inside out to avoid spilling water and helps you get in and out of car or doorway. Great medium size brolly that's useful and suits a woman that's always on the go - a busy mum taking kids to school or an older lady who loves to keep active.

Ladies Umbrellas over £25.00

Lulu Guinness Logo Umbrella Lulu Guinness Logo Umbrella at £27.00
Lulu Guinness Logo Umbrella - this ladies umbrella was created in collaboration with Fulton which means its strong and durable. Lovely walking style and chic red handle adds a little something to this otherwise understated design. Famous for quirky designs, Lulu Guinness is a chic logo to carry around for any fashionable woman.

Ladies Umbrella over £50

Mint Blunt Metro Umbrella Mint Blunt Metro Umbrella at £59.99
Blunt Metro Umbrella - these strong brollies are a great gift idea for anyone but especially for a no nonsense woman, always on the go. Wind tunnel tested and sustainable will be a great option to buy for a young woman who cares about the state of the world today.

Mens Umbrellas under £25.00

Falcone Golf Umbrella Falcone Golf Umbrella at £21.15
Falcone Golf Umbrella - this golf mens umbrella is perfect for walks with a dog and outdoors adventures. Visible ribs add an athleisure feel at an affordable price of £21.15. This umbrella is windproof and has a useful automatic opening.

Mens Umbrellas over £25.00

Navy ECO bamboo umbrella Navy ECO Bamboo Umbrella at £27.00
ECO bamboo umbrella - medium size, manual open mens umbrella. Minimalists look for an eco conscious man. This umbrella is still strong and great looking but made of 100% recycled PET bottles and one of the most sustainable materials out there - bamboo. Great xmas present for young people as well as an individual striving to make the world a better place.

Mens Umbrella over £50

Blunt Sport Umbrella Blunt Sport Umbrella £109.99
Blunt Sport Umbrella - this large 146cm canopy umbrella is the ultimate protection from rain. Wind tunnel tested and has a 2 year warranty. Perfect for walking on the beach or running errands. I can imagine a man with a land or estate would find it very useful to move around in rainy weather. An ideal gift for a no nonsense gentleman who isn't easily impressed but we can pretty much guarantee that at this price point anyone would feel pretty good about receiving one of those. An umbrella is a great thoughtful gift idea, especially if it does more than just protect from rain. These days sustainable products and buying items that last is more important than anything else. Happy Christmas shopping and if you do not decide on a gift today, keep us in mind for those last minute orders! Some of our other umbrella-related articles: Christmas Gift Guide 2019 How to Shop in Black Friday Umbrella Sale?
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