Christmas Gift Guide

Christmas Gift Guide 2019

Its this time of the year when we look for the perfect gift for our loved ones. We want to give them something that will make them happy to open on Christmas day and something they will appreciate for a long time. Of course our recommendation for this years Christmas gift is an umbrella! They come in so many different styles you are sure to find the perfect one for the special person in your life. With our next day delivery you can even place your order last minute! Last day to do it is 20th of December. See below our Umbrella gift guide and make sure to keep on reading for a bonus detail at the end!

Gift for Her:

Lulu Guinness Logo Walking Umbrella at £34.00 This ladies umbrella is designer and sturdy - Lulu Guinness design produced by Fulton, you can’t go wrong with that! The design is funky but not too much with muted colours - perfect for your mum, wife and teenage daughter.
Lulu Guinness Logo Umbrella Lulu Guinness Logo Umbrella

Gift for Him:

Blunt Umbrella with Tile from £55.00 Men love technological improvements and Blunt is the best storm proof mens umbrella of recent years. You have a choice of compact XS model, Classic and XL. Add a Tile ( a small tracking device) and the best gift for your husband, brother, father or son is complete!
Blunt Metro Umbrella Blunt Metro Umbrella

Gift for a Child:

Bugzz Umbrellas at £14.99 These kids umbrellas sell out in minutes - they’re just too adorable! Colourful and safe for toddler hands. Choose from Pirate, Duck, Unicorn and many many more.
Bugzz Butterfly Umbrella Bugzz Butterfly Umbrella
Now that you’ve chosen your umbrella, see below video on how to gift wrap it in the neatest way! From our team at Jollybrolly, we wish you Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year !