a branded Blunt umbrella and a childs leg

5 Reasons to Choose Branded Blunt Umbrellas

Stop searching - we now have the best storm proof umbrellas available to be branded! If you haven’t heard about Blunt umbrellas, they’re the most high tech umbrella innovation of recent years. Designed by Greig Brebner, a New Zealand native who lived in London and experienced the UK's famous rainy weather. He noticed that common umbrellas are really quite dangerous with their spiky tips and that people often have to buy between 1-3 umbrellas a year because they’re so badly made and disposable. That’s what gave him an idea to create a strong, high tech umbrella with Blunt tips, one that can last for years making it more sustainable. But Blunt umbrellas are much more than their origin story.

See 5 reasons why you should choose them to be printed with your logo and used in your company give away:

Modern look - even if not branded, a Blunt umbrella attracts looks from passers by. These sleek umbrellas have the best design out of all the umbrella innovations of recent years. They come in rich colour options - your logo will look amazing against it! We offer printing on one to three panels and one to three colour logos. Any other design combinations can be quoted on request. Blunt can also work with your company on a fully customised umbrella if the order quantity is over a certain amount (over a hundred). Durability - that’s what Blunt is all about! Blunt umbrellas are high-speed wind tunnel tested and feature Blunts exclusive innovations such as Double Struts which reinforce the umbrellas Floating Ribs - all to make the frame stronger. The famous Blunt tips mean that not only you wont poke anyone in the eye with your branded Blunt umbrella but they will also allow tension to be distributed evenly across the branded umbrella canopy. Warranty - Branded Blunt umbrellas come with 2 years warranty. The brolly won't be reprinted if badly damaged but Blunt will make an effort to fix it. Sustainability - Blunt umbrellas have been created with sustainability in mind. Even though they’re not made of recycling materials they will last for years meaning you will avoid buying dozens of cheap disposable umbrellas that will end up being thrown away. Investment - these branded umbrellas are definitely an investment for a company but very much worth it. Who wouldn't want to be given a branded Blunt umbrella? There’s no doubt this umbrella would be a go-to for everyone who’d receive it as a corporate give away. It can also represent company values such as strength and sustainability - ideal for an insurance company, solicitors office or a modern tech company. Promotional umbrellas are such a classic marketing tool, it’s time to re-invent it with Blunt! Shop Branded Blunt Umbrellas now on Jollybrolly: https://www.jollybrolly.co.uk/branded-umbrellas/branded-blunt-umbrellas.html
Written by: Anna Wisniewska