Childrens Umbrellas as Xmas gifts

Buying gifts for kids is the most fun part of Christmas. There’s so much choice and you wish you could buy everything! Having kids in the family truly makes Christmas special, seeing their excitement reminds us how we felt all those years ago when it was us unpacking presents. There’s so many kids' gift ideas! We offer a practical one - a children's umbrella. Our two ranges Bugzz and Kidorable are popular throughout the year and if your child does not have a kids umbrella yet, now is a great time to get one. It’s a thoughtful stocking filler and because they’re so colourful and fun they dont seem like a boring practical gift. Winter is the rainiest season so it only makes sense to give something that will be used over and over again and get’s the kids excited for outdoor adventures. How to choose which children's umbrella will your little one love best? You know all the little likes and dislikes they have so let’s look through the options:

Your child loves dinosaurs

Surprisingly these are our most popular designs: Kidorable Dinosaur Kids Umbrella and Bugzz Dinosaur Kids Umbrella but we also have a Galleria Dinosaur Children Umbrella that’s more of a traditional kids brolly. Its unbelievable how much a child can love dinosaurs! The difficult names, prehistoric times and never ending supply of information. Dinosaurs help kids learn about earth and its timeline as well as the natural world. Apparently, dinosaurs are the most popular “intense interest” in kids age 2-6 years old. Others include cars, planes, trains. Knowing all the difficult names give a child a confidence boost because usually for the first time in their life they are experts on something. So go ahead and buy a Dino kids umbrella to put under their Xmas tree!
Dinosaur Bugzz Kids Umbrella Dinosaur Bugzz Kids Umbrella at £12.99

Your child loves animals

Does your son or daughter dream of becoming a veterinarian? We have the perfect children umbrellas for them: Safari Bugzz Kids Umbrella or Panda Kidorable Umbrella. Apparently being a vet is one out of three most common occupation choices for kids age 5-6 years old, other choices are of course teacher and a doctor. Most people love animals but there’s nothing like an innocent child's love for all living creatures. If you’re not ready to buy them a puppy, a guinea pig or you already have bought them a pet, an animal children's umbrella is a great choice for their xmas present.
Safari Bugzz Kids Umbrella Safari Bugzz Kids Umbrella at £12.99

You have a pink loving child

The world in 2020 embraces gender neutrality and there are girls and boys out there who just want pink accessories. We have plenty of options for them: a Kidorable Lucky Cat Kids Umbrella, Kidorable Lotus Kids Umbrella or a Unicorn Bugzz Kids Umbrella just to name a few! Interesting fact is that pink has only become associated with femininity in the 40’s, before that it was more likely to dress children in white or boys in pink and girls in blue. As always it was American advertising that set the silly colour rules we follow all these years later - time to stop and let kids wear pink or blue no matter their gender. Also our Bugzz Shark Umbrella is blue and pink and definitely suitable for a boy!
Ballerina Kidorable Umbrella Ballerina Kidorable Umbrella at £12.99
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