Cheap umbrellas for forgetful people

There’s plenty of arguments for spending money on a good umbrella: it will last longer, perform better and you will save money in a long run. However there’s one strong argument against it: you’re wasting money if you’re a forgetful person and always losing you brolly. "Buy cheap, buy twice" rule does not seem to apply particularly when it comes to sunglasses and umbrellas. Brollies are actually number 11 on a list of top most lost items by adults in UK (glasses are number 4). So what to do if you too are a forgetful person? The answer is buy cheap umbrellas that you won't be sorry to lose. But cheap doesn't have to mean bad, here’s what to look for in a cheap and cheerful brolly: Price The lower the better! Even a £1 super affordable umbrella can do a good job if it’s well made. Our Plain Jollybrolly Umbrellas are cheap and cheerful with 15 colours available and at £4.99 they’re a steal! They’re also the most popular umbrellas we sell so we must be doing something right. Style Because you’re not spending a lot of money you can consider fun trend led cheap umbrellas - Transparent PVC Bubble brollies seem to be very popular right now and are actually a bargain to buy - see our Clear Dome Umbrellas.You can treat the brolly as a seasonal accessory and choose wild bright colours and patterns, have fun with them! If you’re not an expert in low cost umbrella styles you can also try few different types: large golf, more traditional folding or walking city style umbrella - see which one you’re most comfortable with. Frame This one is quite obvious- check the cheap umbrella over before you buy them. It takes a minute to open it and look at the frame. You should be able to tell if it will fall apart at first use. Check for manufacturing faults like wobbly ribs, broken auto opening button or falling off tips. Now as a final word of advice remember to keep your expectations within reason. Cheap umbrellas are fun for everyday use and helpful to give away at outdoor events but you do need to go easy on them and use them in the most regular way - to cover yourself from rain.