a Tile being inserted into a blue Blunt umbrella

Never Lose Your Blunt Umbrella Again!

Losing your umbrella on a rainy day is stressful especially if it's an expensive umbrella such as Blunt. That’s why the New Zealand brand teamed up with Tile a US company known for producing small bluetooth tracking devices. You can now buy a Blunt umbrella with a special pocket that a Tile fob can be discreetly and securely placed in. In a situation when your umbrella is lost, you can go to your Tile app and track it. If your Blunt umbrella is within 30m away from you the fob will play a little tune directing you to your lost item. If its further than 30m, the app will tell you the last location of the Blunt umbrella and let you know when the signal is getting stronger as you get closer to the brolly. If you still cant locate the umbrella, you can mark it as lost and if the other Tile users pick up its signal (anonymously) , the notification will be passed on to you. Sounds good? Learn more from Tile video here Both Blunt umbrellas and Tile fobs come in a range of sizes and designs. Original Blunt umbrella now called Classic is a stick style brolly with a 120cm canopy, smaller XS Metro a collapsible-style umbrella features a 95cm canopy. Recently Blunt came out with bigger golf style umbrellas: XL and G2 and smaller Blunt Lite and Mini. If this is the first time you hear about Blunt umbrellas, in short they’re the best umbrella re-inventions of recent years! Created by Greig Brebner as a result of him seeing how dangerous and disposable umbrellas can be. He decided to create a safe umbrella with blunt edges, durable and able to withstand the harshest winds ( wind tunnel tested). They also look great ! Blunt umbrellas come not only in a standard colour rage but also in limited versions as a result of Blunt’s work with famous designers and artists. Tiles come in a few sizes as well: Sticker, Tile Mate , Tile Pro and Tile Slim. The Tile we use in Blunt Umbrellas is Tile Mate, a sleek square 35mmx35mm fob. It fits perfectly into the Blunt Tile pocket but can also be taken out and used when needed with other than umbrella items such as a handbag or a wallet. Blunt umbrella with a Tile is a perfect idea for a holiday gift! Its gender neutral, practical but also fun and good looking! Not many people will expect to find a high quality umbrella under their Christmas tree but will be glad to receive it and will think about you every time they use it, which is a lot of times in rainy UK! Buy Blunt umbrellas and Tile on jollybrolly.co.uk now!
Written by: Anna Wisniewska