Big Umbrella vs Big City

Living in a big city and being a fan of big umbrellas does not go well. Carrying a big umbrella on a wet day comes with responsibility - you need to know when to use it, how to tilt it... Many people find a big umbrella on a busy pavement irritating but you can still enjoy a large umbrella if you keep in mind these few tips:

When to open a big umbrella:

Big cities usually have plenty of busy areas: high street, anywhere around public transport, tourist attractions and using a big umbrella in those locations is a luxury especially if there's only one person under the canopy. Be mindful of people around you and only open the big umbrella if absolutely necessary. This means when the rain is pouring not drizzling.

How to walk with an open big umbrella:

Don’t play with your phone when walking with an umbrella in a big city - it’s a recipe for an accident! You either going to hurt someone with your umbrella spikes or not notice a car coming and end up getting hurt. Tilt the big umbrella when you see someone approaching in your direction but look around when doing that not to put the umbrella into someone else's face. Its a custom to lift the umbrella when someones approaching but be aware of people the same height being indecisive and lifting the umbrella at the same time as you. Beware of corners. Most of us have experienced turning a corner and bumping into somebody. Worse if that someone carries a big umbrella! This can end up with an injury so when possible take a take a wide angle going into any blind corners.

How to carry a closed big umbrella:

Most importantly hold the umbrella vertically and close to your body. It’s quite common to be hit by a person holding their closed umbrella horizontally especially when walking in crowded places or on escalator. On public transport. Putting your wet big umbrella on an empty seat is a massive no-no! In a busy city it's the worst thing you can do, it makes the seat wet and either no one can sit on it or someone does and ends up with a wet behind. Holding it on the floor by your feet means you will not forget it when standing up. If standing up on a tube or metro hold it close to not hit anyone or take unnecessary space. Big umbrellas in a city can be a nuisance but if you’re a considerate person you can make it work. Remember people around you tend to be in a rush and will appreciate your not-so- common sense.