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Bestselling Umbrellas of 2020

2020 was a tricky year for all of us, dramatic events and constant changes resulted in an emotional rollercoaster not only in the UK but it seems all over the world. We are blessed to have an online umbrella shop that could stay open in the current climate. Umbrellas are not so much a seasonal product and when you need it, you need it. That does not mean we managed to avoid the extremely quiet period. This year we introduced a new line of umbrellas that became an instant hit! Together with our usual bestsellers, these brollies carried our business through the pandemic. Since there were no weddings this spring/ summer, we depended on personal use brollies and Falcone/ Impliva umbrellas were perfect for that. I can imagine that they would have been a great bulk option if we did have events happening this past year as they’re so reasonably priced! Without further explanation, here are our most popular umbrella styles of 2020: #1 Plain Jollybrolly Umbrellas - still number one, still the best cheap and cheerful option. Even though these small umbrellas are most used for weddings and events, this year many customers purchased them for their businesses: to hand out to customers or staff working outside. Some shops handed out cheap umbrellas to customers queuing outside which we think is a lovely caring gesture. #2 Plain Golf Umbrellas - these large umbrellas are a go to for events and businesses. We often have them branded with customers' logos. 120cm large canopy fits 2-3 people under making it a great cheap umbrella option for socially distant walks. Sturdy, light and available in 15 colours. #3 Wood Stick Umbrellas - how could we have waited so long to introduce a simple wooden handle umbrella to our selection? It seems that they’re all our customers needed. Coming in 12 rich colours and featuring no logo or markings, these umbrellas were an instant hit! We actually needed a couple of months to get the stock right as they were selling out in days. #4 Clear Dome Umbrellas - clear umbrellas are still a popular option for everyday use. Purchased often for young people and by casual dressers. These see through brollies cover your head and shoulder thanks to their dome shape. Great option for weddings especially the outdoor micro weddings that happened a lot this past year. #5 Falcone Windproof Umbrellas - finally, the most popular personal use umbrella of the year. They’re a winner with a medium 100cm canopy in 8 great colours, windproof frame and chic wooden pole and handle. At £14.99 they’re an affordable umbrella option for someone who wants a simple brolly but wants it to be sturdy and not break in the wind. We’ve added so many new styles to our site in 2020, special mention must be given to below: Susino Clear Dome Umbrellas Large Classic Gents Umbrella Blunt Umbrellas ( we welcomed new versions ) We’re looking forward to introducing new umbrella styles in 2021 and hope our customers will embrace them as well as the wood stick/ Falcone brollies. Welcome 2021! Some of our other umbrella-related articles: 8 Umbrella Etiquette Rules Everyone Should Follow Promoting your business with branded merchandise
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