black umbrella with logo in the rain

Bestselling Branded Umbrellas

As a company we specialise in providing wedding and events umbrellas. However, a while back we started offering branded umbrellas to the customers that required that extra something added to their brollies. A logo, a personalised message, a school emblem… we decided to find a reliable printer or printers to help us customise our umbrellas. Our own brand of event umbrellas has always been our bestseller, colourful and plain with no markings - it only made sense to print on them. But what other options did we have? We’ve found separate printers with their own stock of fantastic umbrellas to print on. They’re fast, reliable and helpful to us as well as to our customers. After a few years we know a thing or two about printing and how to assist our customers in finding what looks and works best. These days it seems easy for us to direct people to which umbrella is best for what job. You don't even have to contact us (although we recommend it), you can see our bestsellers and their best purpose below.

Branded Jollybrolly Umbrellas

Our number one bestseller year after year. Cheap and cheerful and can cost as little as £10.10 per personalised umbrella provided you order 25 with 1 colour logo printed on one panel. This, the golf and aluminium are the only promotional umbrella styles we can offer in minimum quantity of 10. This style works best for weddings ( you can hand it out as a wedding favour to your guests) or events where you know you need an impact of your logo being seen but you wont necessarily use the brolly day after day in a windy weather.

Bedford Umbrella

Classic golf umbrella with a black plastic handle and pointy tip. This is what the buyers go for if they need a sturdy branded umbrella. This is the best mid ground for a simple and dependable umbrella. Best for hotels, reception, schools, any business. This branded umbrella can have a custom handle and be Pantone matched making it perfect for a truly individual design.

Branded Bedford Umbrella Branded Bedford Umbrella

Garden Pub Umbrella

This is for all the reasons we are bored of talking about a hit of recent months. Classic umbrellas that you’d find in any pub garden except it is more than that with fully custom canopy, you can have it printed exactly as you imagined - all cost included. Its a joy to the eye seeing the designs some of our customers come up with and we can only wish to one day be able to sit under one of our own branded pub umbrellas. Best for pubs (obviously), bars, restaurants and I assume some will be used in various shows and festivals (when they come back).

Fashion Branded Umbrella

As the name suggests, this brolly is often ordered for a more style oriented customer. Fashion brands, wedding planners, hotels, estates managements. The wooden handle is a selling point with this personalised umbrella. It is an average 101cm across the canopy umbrella so its not a golf and its not windproof but works when it comes to looks. This style might have to share its spotlight because we acquired a new wooden handle opinion: a Branded Wood Stick Umbrella. The plain version of this brolly is flying off the shelves so we have high hopes for this one. These are truly our most popular branded umbrellas and our go-tos offers to customers. We’ve recently added a few more styles such as personalised clear umbrellas, vented and double canopies that we have high hopes for but the dependable top 4 personalised umbrellas have a secure spot on our site. If you’re looking for branded umbrellas but are still not sure - contact us and we’ll find the best brolly for your requirements! Shop branded umbrellas here.
Written by: Anna Wisniewska