Best Umbrellas for April Showers

April marks a transitional period in the UK's weather. We are moving from cold and windy winter months into warm spring time. This transition results in mixed weather and sudden rainfalls called April showers. In springtime the jet streams move northwards and bring strong winds and rain in from the Atlantic. This is the most common across Ireland and Scotland. What also plays a role in creating Aril showers is warming temperature of the sea. The relatively sudden difference in temperature creates shower clouds - cumulus or cumulonimbus. They’re different from rain clouds which will cause rainfall for miles and days. Showers usually last a few hours and can happen in only certain areas. Hearing about April showers can make you think that April is a rainy month but its actually not the case. According to statistics it's one of the driest months. The phrase “April showers” refers to the frequency of the short showers. This means we should be prepared for all kinds of weather in April and definitely always carry a brolly. It doesn't have to be a strong stormproof one, a light clear umbrella will works best and thanks to the clear panels, lets you appreciate beautiful early Spring surroundings. Jolybrolly offers a wide range of clear dome umbrellas perfect for Spring. We have our own brand with a coloured border, a Susino range with all clear styles as well as printed options: pets, animal prints... Bigger golf size and folding clear umbrellas are available too. There’s something for everyone! See our full range here. According to an old saying "April showers bring May flowers" which means we should definitely embrace the rain and get excited for the Spring. Buy a new clear umbrella and go out, explore the world!