Best Mens Walking Umbrellas for Autumn/Winter 2020

Best Mens Walking Umbrellas for Autumn/Winter 2020

Today feels like the first day of Autumn. Just a couple of days ago we had sun and warmth but it's all gone and everyone panic buys umbrellas due to the rainy weather. So we come to you with a guide to gents long umbrellas ( see ladies guide here). We sell a few gems that deserve to be highlighted! Our wide range mens walking umbrellas has something for every man from active to business. Men are sometimes not so keen on carrying an umbrella but if you know what to look out for, you will definitely find a gents umbrella you can carry with pride.


Grey Falcone Windproof Walking Umbrella Grey Falcone Windproof Walking Umbrella at £14.99
Our Falcone Windproof Umbrellas have been a hit ever since we added them to our offer. Its the simplicity of design and rich colour that makes every man want them. With a modest price of £14.99, you don't feel like you’re spending a fortune on a gents umbrella especially if you’re not a fan of carrying them around with you. This solid stick umbrella is classic, well built, windproof and in muted/rich colours - what not to love!


Riva Prince of Wales Umbrella Riva Prince of Wales Umbrella at £22.00
We no longer sell Fulton umbrellas but (funny story) this gents long umbrella stayed hidden in our warehouse until we realised its still in stock and added it back to our site! It has a strong wind resistant metal frame and medium size canopy. Its best feature is the sleek black handle and pointy tip. The canopy design add something extra to usually plain black mens umbrella and the black & white edge completes the design.


Falcone Double Canopy Golf Umbrella Falcone Double Canopy Golf Umbrella at £24.95
If you like your gents umbrella to be a little quirky, this option is for you: Double Canopy Raindrops Golf Umbrella by Falcone. Black on top with blue raindrops design underneath, this umbrella will surely attract compliments! It doesn't only look good but its also windproof and has a large golf size canopy.


Large Walking Umbrella with Wooden Handle Large Walking Umbrella with Wooden Handle at £17.95
If you’re a no nonsense guy, this long umbrella will work best for you. As soon as you have it in your hands, you will know that this umbrella is strong. When you open it you will see that it's huge! Perfect for meetings as it will comfortable fit 2 people under without the need to stand too close. All black with a wooden handle and a tip cup so that you don't drip water anywhere. Reasonable price for a durable design. If you’re an active man and looking for an umbrella that will keep up with you, we recommend Blunt range but since we don't carry their walking style, it's not featured in this guide. See our full range of mens umbrellas here and dont put off buying a good gents umbrella, its Autumn after all and rain is here to stay for some time!
Written by: Anna Wisniewska