How to Shop for Children Umbrellas

Shopping for childrens umbrellas sounds fun but in reality is not as easy as you may think. First thing to remember when shopping for childrens umbrellas is that their main job is to protect your child from weather conditions such as rain, snow or heat. Secondly with all the colourful choices you have, its important to choose an umbrella your child will like and enjoy using. That’s the fun part! Little children are susceptible to colds and sunburns and you should invest in a childrens umbrella If you want your child to be active and accompany you for a walk in sometimes less than perfect weather conditions. Interestingly, childrens umbrellas are more than just a smaller size umbrellas. For example, kids need a shorter umbrella pole to be able to hold and balance the brolly correctly. Canopy fabric is also important, its worth to look for a polyester canopy since the fabric is thicker and fully waterproof while still being light. You don't want your children umbrella to be unnecessarily heavy and be annoying for the child to carry. A strong frame is another thing to look out for in childrens umbrellas. Fibreglass is usually the go-to material. After inspecting the build of a childs umbrella make sure it suits the childs personality. You know best what’s their favourite animal or character. Surprise them with a Lady Bird Umbrella or Pirate Brolly. The brighter colour the better! If you want something extra special, order an 3D childrens umbrella here. Our store offers Bugzz and celebrity favourite Kidorable childrens umbrellas. Bugzz are a PVC type kids brollies with animal, insects and fairy tale characters print. Currently we have few of the previous season designs in stock but they sell out quickly so its a good idea to sign up to our newsletter to stay informed of the re-stock. Kidorable childrens umbrellas were celebrities favourite in years 2010-2012 and seen carried by famous kids such as Suri Cruise, Matilda Ledger and Jennifer Garner kids. Now they’re still often seen on Instagram as their 3D design is so unique! Especially the frog, lady bird and pirate design. Its worth adding that the 3D feature includes tips and handles of the umbrella. If you’re eager to get hold of one of the childrens umbrellas that’s out of stock, join our email subscription and we’ll keep you updated.