Best Affordable Umbrellas for an Autumn Wedding

Autumnal weddings are beautiful. Most people, when asked, will admit that they love this time of the year. Leaves are turning red and we are encouraged to start adding pumpkins, blankets and candles to our decor. Cosy atmosphere. Americans are especially good at it since they celebrate Halloween and Thanksgiving and their homes seem to be full of festive decor. Even in the UK, go to any shop at this time of the year and you’ll be so tempted to pick up a leaves garland or at least a pumpkin spice smelling candle. All these decorations can look so stunning at a wedding! We’re not surprised that many people choose Autumn time to get married but there’s a “but” in the UK - the rain. Even though it seems like it always rains here, the last couple of weeks have been particularly wet and windy. You have no other option but to be prepared for it. Buying cheap wedding umbrellas is the number 1 advice we give anyone who’s planning a wedding. See our selection of best affordable umbrellas for an Autumnal wedding: Plain Jollybrollies at £4.99 each
Wine Red Jollybrolly Umbrella Wine Red Jollybrolly Umbrella
Our bestsellers available in 15 colours including wine red, orange and bottle green to match the Autumnal leaves. 90cm canopy and plastic wood imitation handle look. These low cost plain umbrellas are cheap and cheerful. Wood Stick Umbrellas at £10.99
Green Wood Stick Umbrella Green Wood Stick Umbrella
Beautiful rich colours including dark red, green and warm yellow. Wooden pole and handle make these affordable umbrellas look much more expensive. Clear Susino Umbrellas at £8.99
Susino Black Clear Umbrella Susino Black Clear Umbrella
These affordable clear umbrellas come in white or black version, The frame, tip and handle match to create a beautiful low cost bubble umbrella perfect for a wedding. Budget Frilled Umbrellas at £12.00
Budget Ivory Wedding Umbrella Budget Ivory Wedding Umbrella
Talking about cheap! These romantic umbrellas are an essence of what wedding umbrellas should be. They come in white and ivory and are perfect for a bridal party. Golf Umbrellas at £12.00
Low Cost Golf Umbrellas Low Cost Golf Umbrellas
You can buy less because they cover more! Our low cost golf umbrella measures 120cm across the canopy and will fit 2-3 people under. Plain and incredibly photogenic. Wedding umbrellas can be affordable and fun to choose, just dont leave them for last minute! Shop them here: Wedding Umbrellas
Written by: Anna Wisniewska