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Back to school kids umbrellas

Kids going back to school when we’re still not over with the pandemic is a controversial subject. We’re not going to share our opinions or report on this, instead we’ll focus on kids umbrellas that can be used for school runs as well as regular park adventures. A good kids umbrella will always find its use, even if it's just for playing games!

Here at Jollybrolly we carry three ranges of kids umbrellas:


clear dome kids brollies printed with fun characters. We carry two versions of the Bugzz kids umbrellas: original and the most recent one. Both feature colourful prints of pirates, ducks, frogs and many more but the original collection has a colourful stripe running across the edge of the canopy and the new one has updated illustrations with the edge of the brolly matching each of the designs. Both versions have a matching crook handle. Kids Bugzz Umbrellas are lovely and a hit with the kids. Bestsellers are the Dinosaur and Shark Umbrella.


3D design polyester brollies. These kids' brollies have all kinds of adorable shapes and designs, from bright red ladybug to a dragon - knight. Kidorable kids umbrellas unique shape is one of the kind and at an affordable price. Even the handles match the 3D design! For some reason Dinosaur is the most popular out of all the designs but all the brollies are wonderful and we bet, any child can find a strong favourite within the designs. Here are ours:

Galleria Kids Umbrellas

quality kids brollies printed and frilled. If you’re looking for a more traditional kids umbrella, Galleria is a quality producer creating beautiful prints for kids as well as adults. It's known for elaborate flower and art prints. Their kids' umbrellas feature animals in a jungle and prehistoric dinosaurs. Galleria canopies are more like paintings than simple decorations. We also sell their kids frilled umbrellas- perfect for flower girls at weddings! Now all you have to do is ask your child which umbrella they like, order and plan a lovely walk in the Autumnal coloured park. Summer may be over but Autumn is equally as wonderful if not more!

All our kids umbrellas are suitable for kids 3 years old and over.
Written by: Anna Wisniewska