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Best Back to School Umbrellas for Kids and Parents

Back to school season is upon us and while most attention always goes to buying school supplies, let's not forget that that school season equals rainy autumn season. It always seems to rain at the time of school run and for some reason you always seem to forget an umbrella or think I takes no time to get the child back home. But that’s not always the case! What you need is a great umbrella that you will want to grab whenever the sky is suspiciously cloudy. With this in mind, we've gathered a selection of school run appropriate brollies for you and your child.
  • One large golf umbrella for you and the child
Think yellow or rainbow golf umbrella. It measures approx 120cm across the canopy so will fit both you and your child under and there’s no need to carry two brollies because we all know that it's the parent that ends up carrying everything! We recommend:
rainbow golf umbrella Rainbow Golf Umbrella £12.99
  • Clear dome kids and parent umbrellas
The most fun combination. They allow you to see through the canopy and keep an eye on the child while it runs around burning all that energy they never seem to run out of. Adult ones are stylish and very trendy and kids ones are a colourful and sweet option. We recommend:
Kids Clear Pirate Umbrella Bugzz Kids Clear Pirate Umbrella at £12.99
Clear Dome Umbrella with Blue Stripe Clear Dome Umbrella with Blue Stripe at £8.99
  • Chic parent umbrella and energetic child poncho
For those moms who like to stay chic on the school run and allow their child all the freedom that comes with not carrying a kids umbrella. A poncho is a great way to keep your child dry! We recommend:
Lulu Guinness Cut Out Logo Kensington Walking Umbrella Lulu Guinness Cut Out Logo Kensington Walking Umbrella at £34.00
Poncho Twin Pack: Ladybird & Bee Poncho Twin Pack: Ladybird & Bee at £6.95
  • Entrepreneur mom and whimsical child
Why not join school run and promoting your business with a branded umbrella? Think of all those parents chatting away... School run might be a great place to network! Order a micro pack of 10 umbrellas and share with your employees. Your free spirited child will be excited to carry a 3D design Kidorable brolly. We recommend: Bedford Branded Umbrellas from £14.55
Kidorable Space Hero Kids Umbrella Kidorable Space Hero Kids Umbrella at £12.99
No matter if you drive a car or walk your child to school - in the UK - an umbrella is a necessity! We presented you with school run umbrellas but obviously you need a brolly anywhere you go. Do not count on that one old black brolly you always use or a cheap disposable one that always breaks - invest and have fun with your weather protection!