a man in a suit and autumnal tree

Autumn/ Winter 2019 Gents Street Wear Trends

Have you ever tried to look up gents fashion trends? The first articles that will pop up are usually runway trends and they’re... interesting, to say the least. We appreciate designers creativity but can’t imagine many day to day men we meet wearing most of the outfits. Dramatic shoulders, skirts and very sheer fabrics to name a few. These trends are maybe most suitable for fashion editorials and celebrities but for the rest of the men, street wear trends are much more relatable. Street wear represents what fashionable men wear on the streets of London, New York, Milan and Paris. It’s still very creative and maybe too much for some but we can definitely take inspiration from it.

Here are our favourite mens streetwear trends:

Earthy tones - camel coats and warm toned accessories: copper, chocolate and forest green are easy to style and cosy to wear. Perfect for most occasions and widely available in high street stores. A truly autumnal look. Buying a camel coat or corduroy trousers is a way to inject this colour palette to your everyday look but you can also add a brown gents umbrella for a touch of earthy shade.
a brown umbrella Plain Brown Jollybrolly Umbrella from £4.99
Statement puffer and colourful trainers - sport luxe look is not going away but becoming more colourful and fun. Big letters, logo prints and block colours. Even just one item in a bright blocky colour will create a statement and make the outfit. Add a clear gents umbrella to complete the street look.
Clear Dome Umbrella with Blue Stripe Clear Dome Umbrella with Blue Stripe at £8.99
All Black - a trend spotted on the streets of New York this Summer, will surely continue into the current season. What’s easier to pull off than a black outfit ? Perfect when you’re in a rush and a good base for any capsule wardrobe. Make it interesting with different textures and accessories. Black is the most popular gents umbrellas colour so you won’t struggle with finding a good one, our choices are:
black mens umbrella Black Budget Compact Mens Umbrella at £11.95
Beanies and baseball caps - if you don't like carrying a gents umbrella, you can protect your head from rain with a hat. Hipster Mini Beanies in bright colours add a youthful, fun touch to a mans outfit. This accessory will keep your head warm and is an ultimate “throw on and go” piece. Baseball caps are not a typical fashionable accessory since they’re so commonly worn but they get a fresh update paired with a sophisticated, tailored look.