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8 Umbrella Etiquette Rules Everyone Should Follow

Carrying an umbrella in the past has been associated with the most elegant of gentlemen and the men were expected to follow a certain set of etiquette rules. These days it seems like etiquette is a thing of the past and everyone wants to follow what they feel is the right set of behaviours. However, it is good sometimes to have a refresh of what used to (and should be still ) considered appropriate behaviour. Most rules of the man’s umbrella etiquette resolve around the space issue. Opening an umbrella expands your personal space and we need to be aware of taking other people's space as a result.

When caring a man’s umbrella, remember:

1. Don't put your wet umbrella on any seats especially on public transport. Keep it on the floor or leave special buckets (if available) by the door. It's also very useful to buy an umbrella storage bag that will keep your brolly from dripping.

2. Consider the size of your umbrella. A petite person does not need a big umbrella but a bigger person will look silly with a small umbrella. It also changes depending on the situation, if you have a companion or kids under a big brolly it does justify its size.

3. Look around when opening an umbrella. Yes, even when it's pouring. It's best to wait and open the brolly when you’re outside on the footpath and not in the doorways as you may accidentally hurt someone with your canopy spikes especially if you have an automatic umbrella.

4. Don't use two umbrellas if you’re walking with someone. They take too much space!

5. Don't carry the umbrella under your arm horizontally. You can hit someone walking behind you and create a nuisance.

6. Don't walk with your dripping umbrella indoors. Try to locate a storage as soon as you walk in. Rain droplets left on the floor can cause someone to fall and hurt them-self.

7. Raise your umbrella when approaching a shorter person. If the person approaching is the same height, the person with the larger umbrella should raise theirs. This is a very important etiquette rule as you don't want to poke someone in the eye with your umbrella.

8. Be careful when collecting your umbrella from storage, make sure you take the one that belongs to you and return it if you take one by mistake. Especially if it's a pricey one like a Blunt umbrella!

Umbrellas sure sound dangerous when you think of it! Most of these etiquette rules are common sense but we’ve all been surprised and outraged by some people not following them. Let's all be kind and respectful to each other in 2021. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from Jollybrolly Team! Some of our other umbrella-related articles: Promoting your business with branded merchandise Introducing: New Golf Umbrellas
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