6 Ways to Use Umbrellas as Wedding Decorations

Here’s an up and coming trend in outdoor wedding reception decor- hanging umbrellas. Umbrellas don’t just have to keep you dry, they are a great way to decorate an outdoor space as well. Typically lightweight, they can be hung from or attached to almost anything and it’s an easy way to instantly transform your space. Still not sure? Check out some of our suggestions below: Paper Parasols White paper parasols hung upside down with fall leaves is the perfect additional to an autumn wedding. It adds a touch of elegance whilst still keeping with the autumnal theme. Just make sure you are either indoors or there is 0% chance of rain as paper won’t hold up when wet! Add Some Colour If your venue and table settings are mostly neutral why not create an upbeat and colourful umbrella canopy to help inject some life into proceedings? Add Some Light Alternatively, if your reception is indoors and the decor is fairly dark- darks woods and table settings, etc. try hanging up some white umbrellas to lighten the atmosphere and balance the room. Lights & Umbrellas Hanging umbrellas alongside fairy lights is one of the easiest ways to create a magical, whimsical effect to your day. Or if you want to invest a bit more time, use the canopies as a lamp shade and fasten one big light under each one to help create a beautiful walkway or roof. Flowers & Umbrellas If the idea of hanging your umbrellas up doesn’t appeal to you- try using them as centrepieces for your tables capes. Opening an umbrella and filling it with flowers is a great way to add decoration to your reception. Crystals & Umbrellas In a similar vein, white umbrellas can also make great makeshift chandeliers. Open the canopies wide, cover with crystals and add some strings of crystal beads to hang over the edge. Stand them above each table and voila you’ve got DIY outdoor chandeliers.