6 Ways Golf Can Benefit Your Health

Often when you think golf you imagine leisurely spent time between business partners or politicians, talking about their agreements and projects. But it’s far from that! It's a competitive sport and it can positively affect your health. Studies have proven that golfing helps those who suffer chronic diseases including heart disease, type 2 diabetes, colon and breast cancer and stroke, as well as helps reduce the risk of anxiety, depression and dementia.

Don’t believe us? See below 6 ways golf can benefit your health:

You De-Stress

Stress does more damage to your health then we once thought. You can de-stress on the golf course by simply being outside and focusing on the game. Gone are all the busy thoughts, and the only thing that matters is the ball and your club. Even if it rains, just remember to bring your golf umbrella and enjoy the calming sounds of the downpour.

Vit D

Taking in sunshine and fresh air encourages production of vitamin D also known as the sunshine vitamin. It has numerous health benefits from balancing the mood (preventing SAD) to improving your bones and heart. You won’t get this benefit on a cloudy day but even when you’re hiding under your golf umbrella, fresh air will help improve both blood pressure and heart rate due to the decrease in pollution, providing you with better overall heart health.

You Burn Calories

An obvious one. Playing golf involves a lot of walking. Skip the golf cart and burn an additional 1000 calories. If the weather is not great hide under a golf umbrella and keep on walking.


Focusing on the ball improves hand-eye coordination. And just being away from screens for an extended amount of time will give your eyes a rest.

Heart Health

Playing golf increases your heart rate, leading to improved circulation and reduced blood pressure. The increase in blood flow reduces your chances of getting heart disease. This activity also lowers bad cholesterol while increasing good cholesterol.


Playing golf and, even better, exceeding at it will make you more confident. It's also a social sport and being around a group of people you fit in with can increase your self-confidence.

Actively participating in any hobby or sport changes your life for the better. Playing golf improves your mood, keeps your heart healthy, and keeps you fit. In the age of wellness, its stress-busting effects shouldn’t be overlooked either. So go on, join a golf club!