6 Ways to Decorate with Cheap Umbrellas

As a cheap umbrella seller, we’re always curious what our customers are planning to do with our bulk umbrellas. Sometimes they’re used in a regular way as a rain protection but sometimes they’re a part of a bigger project. Umbrella street installations have been popular for last couple of years and we’re always excited to see our cheap umbrellas hang up in the sky. See below other things that you can create with cheap umbrellas:

Flower Holder

You can use a cheap umbrella as a decoration filled with flowers. Make sure they’re light and maybe don't need much water and you can hang the umbrella over a baby shower table or in fact any reception table. Very Spring time decoration, a different variation on this is an umbrella door wreath where you hang the brolly on your front door and fill with flowers.


Another way to use the cheap umbrella is to place it in the middle of a table as a decoration. Here the most important factor is umbrella size - smaller wont take over a lot of space. Stick it into a flower pot filled with soil or pebbles and of course flowers.


This one can take on so many variations! Hang the umbrella with fairy lights underneath or an actual lightbulb ta dah! A chandelier. You can hang a bunch of cheap umbrellas just like that and have a whole sky of fairy lit umbrellas!


Looking for a simple way to decorate your venue? Cheap umbrellas will work great hang up from the ceiling separate or in clusters. We’ve seen our brollies used in clubs, churches and food halls - now we’re waiting for you to surprise us with your creations ( photos very welcome)


There’s so many ways you can create a costume out of cheap umbrellas! Jellyfish, spaceship, mushroom, Bat and a more unique one: “raining cats and dogs”. Our brollies even won a competition for best costume! See below:

Umbrella Arch

This one is great for weddings. Cluster a bunch of cheap umbrellas and create an arch. Add flowers, pompons whatever you can think can add an interesting factor. This will look beautiful in summer time.