6 reasons why you should start playing golf young

In recent years there seems to be a surge in young people's attendance in sport. Everyone’s at the gym and practicing yoga but what about golf? Is it destined to be a mature people’s sport or can we get young people interested? If you’re one of the young people here’s 6 reasons why golf can be worth your time.
Networking This popular believe is actually true and a lot of networking and deals get closed on a golf course. The wide variety of people playing golf allows you to make all kind of useful connections from doctors, accountants to a new boss or business partner which is brilliant when you’re young and just starting your career. It’s also one of few sports that you can actually have a conversation while playing and come across situation that will create a sense of camaraderie for example if you're the one owning the best golf umbrella you can end of sharing it with your companions when surprised by the rain. Fitness Health benefits of playing golf have been proven over and over again. Reducing stress, fresh air and simply being active makes huge difference to your overall wellness. With more and more young people spending hours on the internet and at a desk, being on a golf course, off line and having one on one conversation with your game companions will make a huge difference to your physical and mental health. Even if it rains as long as you have a golf umbrella, you’ll be able to enjoy the benefits of playing golf. Lifetime of fitness If you start young, you have a lifetime of playing golf ahead of you! There is no big risk of contusion, no age limitation and as long as you can hit the ball you are still a golf player. This also means you can play golf with your grandfather and your kid at the same time. Finding a mate Golf is a social game and allows you to be around like minded people. You are bound to make friends and maybe even meet a romantic partner... Sharing a golf umbrella does sound romantic doesn't it? Also having the same hobby definitely helps to keep relationships strong. Achievement Playing golf can give you a sense of achievement. When things are not going great in your life you can focus on sport such as golf and get a sense of control that will help you overcome any struggles you may be experiencing. It’s fun Of course it is and that’s the reason so many people enjoy it. You get to see beautiful golf courses, have fancy equipment and most importantly you get to say that you play golf! That alone will give you a bonus point on your CV or a date and serve you well as an ice breaker at a party. So go on, sign up for lessons, join a golf club, buy the best golf umbrella and enjoy playing golf!