5 Ways you Can Save Money Playing Golf

Playing golf can be expensive - there’s a reason we usually see politicians and business people play it! But you can also save money and manage to have golf as a hobby with these easy and relatable tips: Start with a basic golf set. There’s really no reason for you to buy a fancy golf set if you’re not made of money. Low end starter sets work in the same way and won't break the bank. Its about the fun and not out competing your friends with expensive golf clubs. There’s also an option of buying second hand golf clubs that you may want to explore. Golf equipment for birthday. Make your family and friends life easier by making it clear that golf is your hobby and you’re more than happy to receive fancier golf clubs and balls as birthday and Christmas presents. You can even go with them to a shop to make sure they get you exactly what you want. Don't forget a golf ball retriever. Never lose a golf ball again! This will help you retrieve your ball from deep rough and water and save you money buying new ones. You can also buy other peoples retrieved balls on websites such as Evaluate what accessories you actually need. Some like golf carts are not essential and carrying your own golf clubs will add another level of fitness to your hobby. Some golf courses also add a charge for using a golf cart so you’ll save on that as well! Buy a cheap golf umbrella. There’s no need to splurge on a branded golf umbrella if you’re not a pro golfer and you’re not getting paid to promote a brand. Our range of cheap golf umbrellas is perfect to shield from the rain on the golf course but won’t break the bank! Overall like everything in life, if you don’t have a massive ego and don’t need fancy equipment, golf can be affordable. All it takes is being reasonable and respectful to the equipment you already have. Keep it simple and keep it cheap!