5 Tips To Weather-Proof Your Wedding

Everyone that ever got married and was planning a wedding knows this feeling - checking for weather days before the event. You worry and you really shouldn’t! With good preparation every weather has its advantages. See below how to prepare for rain, snow and heat. The venue. Make sure your venue is ready to fit all your guest inside and has a marquee or gazebo with sides to protect your guest from wind. If you make sure the guests have somewhere to hide, everything should go according to plan. Wedding umbrellas and wellies. Better to be prepared than sorry! Order white wedding umbrellas before the event, don't leave it to the last minute as you’ll probably already be stressed and last minute orders will only add to it. If you have enough time you can even order branded white wedding umbrellas and use them as wedding favours. The good thing about wedding umbrellas is that they look amazing in photos so you’ll be lucky to have a little rain on your wedding day. Imperfect weather makes for perfect photos! Photographers love a moody sky and if you’ve ever seen rainy or snowy wedding photos you will know they’re magical. If you're an up for anything couple, your photographer will definitely create unique and the envy of everyone wedding photos. If your wedding is in winter and it snows… the atmosphere of your wedding will be even more magical! Imagine the cosiness and the accessories you can add to a snowy wedding - fake fur, sledges, skis, blankets the possibilities are never ending! Hot weather is almost worse than rain or snow. Make sure you have plenty of water and shade for your guests. You can turn your wedding programme into a fan and rain wedding umbrellas into shade brollies. If its cold on your wedding day - rent out few heaters and get few cosy blankets. As long as you’re happy and excited for your wedding, everything will go well - remember happy bride and groom are the most important!